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Choosing us means opting for :
Reliable Laptop Batteries
Competitive prices
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About us

Anode company was created in 2012. Currently, 200 workers are working
in the 3000㎡ factory. Anode Company is specialized in manufacturing batteries for laptops. We are producing replacement batteries for Macbook, Dell computers, Acer, ... see here our products range

Anode Company owns a strong team of R&D, has six perfect production lines with a capacity production of 100.000 batteries /month and testing equipments to ensure a strict quality control system, which has passed CE, UL, UN38.3 MSDS certifications.

Anode Company has implemented a professional quality assurance and quality control system to guarantee the manufacturing quality of all its products, but also to ensure safe and efficient delivery.

Our values

Our operating philosophy is the following : "Professional competence, scientific management, high quality and efficiency, dedicated service"

Our commitments


Our solutions are efficient and qualitative:

Our batteries are manufactured with the best existing technology, Lithium-Ion, and the raw materials used have been rigorously selected. The cells used in the manufacture of the batteries come from one of the leaders in the sector, the DBK company, which supplies most of the major brands in the world. Throughout the manufacturing process, numerous tests and quality controls are carried out in order to obtain the highest level of quality. Our customers' satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.

Our products are competitive :
We are constantly optimising our manufacturing, quality and logistics processes. In addition, our production volumes are constantly increasing. All these factors combined enable us to produce high-performance batteries at competitive prices.

Our safety standards are very high
As lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods, we have implemented all the necessary measures, as well as tests, controls and specific procedures for the transport of batteries, in order to guarantee the highest level of safety for both people and environment.